The Farm

Our urban farm has been running since 2005 using organic and sustainable farming practices without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The farm is located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside in two lots located near Hastings & Jackson.

Originally launched by Jacob’s Well, Red Clover Farm has from the start provided fresh, local fruits and vegetables to low-income individuals and families in the neighbourhood who otherwise have not had access to fresh produce. Since its inception the vision of Red Clover has been to renew dormant land, and to sustain a community brought together around growing and sharing food.

In 2010 stewardship of the farm was passed on to God’s House of Many Faces, a church in the neighbourhood committed to a Christian Community Development model of being church with our neighbours.

We have launched various initiatives attempting to make manifest the vision of a radically inclusive shared table while also providing meaningful work and economic development opportunities. See our vision page for more about these ideas.

The Farmers

A little farmer
Red Clover is worked by a wide variety of famers: neighbourhood kids and Chinese elders, Cree musicians and Ukranian potato farmers. All are welcome to sit in the shade and enjoy the company or dig in the dirt.

The Farm is overseen by a neighbourhood pastor who grew up on a farm in Northern Vermont and thought she would end up farming in Poland.