CSA Share

The CSA model allows you to connect with and support our local farm by buying “shares” in our forecasted harvest. Through this, you become better connected to where your food comes from, and receive a portion of our fresh and in-season herbs & vegetables weekly. You share in the benefits as well as potential risk that is part of any agricultural venture.

We hope to have our first shares ready sometime in May (stay tuned!). From then shares will be available weekly for about 30 weeks (until the end of November).

We are different from other CSA farms in that we run on a pay-what-you can model. The value of each share is $510 for the season ($17/week). We welcome those who are able to consider ‘sponsoring’ a family in our neighbourhood by purchasing a share (or partial share) on their behalf.

We also invite those who are able to pay upfront as spring is the most costly time of year for farmers.

What is in each share?

We offer a single share size of 7 pounds, that could be easily eaten by a family of five, or shared by four adults.

What you will find in your Garden Box will vary by week according to season, but each box might contain something like this:

  • greens
  • beans
  • a root vegetable, carrots, beets, potatoes
  • broccoli or kale
  • cucumbers or radishes
  • onions, leeks or garlic
  • tomatoes or peppers
  • squash (summer or winter)

How do I pick up my share?

We will make shares available every Wednesday evening from 4pm-7pm at the farm (contact us for directions). The Japanese word for CSA it’s translated “food with the farmer’s face on it”; we believe your weekly visits to the farm will strengthen the connection between you and your food source.

We invite you to bring your own reusable shopping bag(s) to bring home your produce. Feel free to join us earlier in the morning to help make up the shares!

Holidays, and Missed Boxes

We know that you may not be able to make it to every share pick-up during our harvest season. We encourage you to donate your portion of the harvest for that week to another member. Alternatively, you may notify us at the beginning of the season of weeks you will be away and we will not charge you for those weeks.

Please be aware that we will not issue a refund if you miss your share pickup. Instead your portion of the week’s harvest will find it’s way to a kitchen in our neighbourhood.

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