Since its inception Red Clover Urban Farm has valued the renewal of land, a radically inclusive shared table, and the importance of meaningful work.


Out of a desire to build on those values we have explored various ideas.

  1. What kind of income could be generated from this land while holding our core values?  With that income, how many jobs could we provide for those with barriers to employment?
  2. How can we work with other farms to create a plan for helping people with barriers to employment be able to succeed by providing various “on ramps” for employability?  How would a 3 step process used in other places work here where someone moves from a set number of volunteer hours, to casual part time employment to full time employment with another farm in the area?
  3. How can a “pay-what-you-can” system work to ensure access to fresh local farm products regardless of income?


Our hope is  that in the coming years we will see the following:

  • 1 Master gardener employed full-time at Red Clover
  • 3 People completing a 40 hour volunteer apprenticeship program
  • 2 part-time paid employees
  • 1 bicycle delivery business started
  • 2 Red Clover grads working in other farms

Would you like to partner in seeing this vision realized?